Genuine Saltwater Crocodile Handmade Bronco Belts

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Model:  SWC15

Material: Hornback Salt Water Crocodile Skin 

Closure:  Buckle Interchangeable (Included)

Lining:    Full Grain Soft Cowhide Leather 

Handmade in the USA


How to Select a Belt Size:

Generally, to determine your belt size with a prong buckle like in the image, you should add two inches to your pant’s waist size. 

To really narrow down what size of belt to order, use a belt that fits you the best and measure from the belt hole you're using right now to where the leather wraps around the buckle, as an example if this measures 38 inches you should order a belt size 38. Just for information, the full length of the belt will be longer than 38 inches.

 How to Select a Belt Size

Normally for plaque buckles you should reduce the length by whatever the width from the buckle bar to the pin of the buckle is.   

Every belt has a double snap closure with 5 holes, the buckle should fit in one of the three middle holes of your belt. 


Custom Belt Straps:

We can make a custom Bronco Handmade belt strap of your own creation for any kind of buckle you own, according to your specifications. Make a unique statement by personalizing your custom belt strap from a wide variety of options.

If you want a belt strap for a buckle you own, all we need is the width and the thickness of the strap in millimeters or ounces. If you only provide this information, we will not be responsible, if by any chance the strap does not fit properly into the buckle. But if you mail us the buckle or strap, we will guarantee the fit. We do not keep old inventory of these belts.

Bronco handmade belt straps are of a durable quality, and with proper care they will last you for many years to come.

Since we can make belt straps in any width, straight or tapered, for a very reasonable price, please feel free to contact us via phone call at 972-484-4004 or email us at


Australian Saltwater Crocodile

          Bronco Handmade Genuine Australian Saltwater Crocodile belts are ideal for effortlessly transitioning from a formal look with the slacks or golf pants of your choice, to a casual or western look with your denim pants. Australian saltwater crocodiles have very pronounced and oval shaped scales on their skin. They have a large head with ridges starting at the eyes and ending in the middle of the snout. They are one of the largest reptiles in the world and can weigh over 2000 lbs. In fact, males can grow up to 22 feet. While their diet mainly consists of smaller reptiles, fish and turtles, they can even take on buffaloes and horses.

          Despite their name, Australian saltwater crocodiles can thrive in freshwater as well. Webbed feet and a strong tail allow these crocodiles to navigate through water quickly. Since their eyes and ears are located on the tops of their heads, they are able to see and smell even from beneath the surface of water. Australian saltwater crocodiles have one of the strongest bites in the world thanks to their heavy set jaws filled with 40-60 teeth.

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