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  1. Bronco Genuine Crocodile Wallets
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  2. Bronco Genuine Ostrich Wallets
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  3. Bronco Genuine Stingray Wallets
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  4. Bronco Genuine Lizard Wallets
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  5. Bronco Genuine Ostrich Checkbook Wallets
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  6. Bronco Genuine Crocodile Checkbook Wallets
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  7. Bronco Genuine Lizard Checkbook Wallets
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  8. Bronco Genuine Python Checkbook Wallets
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  9. Bronco Genuine Stingray Checkbook Wallets
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  10. Red Crocodile Caiman Checkbook Wallet
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  11. Bronco Wallets Stingray Checkbook Wallet
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  12. Bronco Wallets Oryx Ostrich Checkbook Wallet
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  13. Bronco Wallets Bone Color Ostrich Checkbook Wallet
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34 Items

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How Bronco Handmade Belts are made:

The making of a Bronco belt is a handmade process, requiring attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. Some exotic hides such as Crocodilian or Lizard must be spliced due to the small skins, as is standard in the belt industry. For Crocodilian skins there is no other way around it, if you use larger skins then the belt will be very thick, stiff, and it will have a tendency to crack at some point in the future. The splicing is done so nicely, that it is hardly noticeable. For Crocodilian and Lizard skins, we start by cutting the straps, and then splicing them. In the process of splicing, we skive (shave) the ends of the straps with a sharp rounded knife, so that no lumps are visible. Then, we glue the ends of the skived straps and hammer it down.

We begin by stamping the lining with the Bronco logo, sizing, etc. Then, we glue it together with the exotic skin strap. Next, we cut and sand the edges and then punch holes, after which we stitch and use Italian paint on the edges. Then, snaps are added to secure the buckle and loop. Next, we add finishing to the strap. Finally, we add the buckle and loop.

We are greatly thankful for our loyal customers who become repeated Bronco belt customers after seeing the workmanship and quality of their first Bronco handmade belt.

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