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Lucchese Classics Men's Black Ultra Crocodile Caiman Belly Medium Round Toe Boots



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Style:   E2147

Upper: 12" Buffalo

Vamp: Black Ultra Crocodile Caiman Belly

Toe:     (6) Medium Round

Heel:    3

Outsole: Leather

Handmade in Texas since 1883. Men's Lucchese Classic Cowboy with Mann Design. 

Lucchese Leather Descriptions By Lucchese:


Alligator: A hide (skin) that is considered luxury-level exotic boot. It has distinctive square patterns that are referred to as “tiles”. All alligators, crocodiles, and caimans fall under the category of crocodilians. There are twenty-three extant species of crocodilians and 4 types are used in Lucchese bootmaking:


 American Alligator (native to the gulf and southern Atlantic states)

 Saltwater Crocodile (which exist from Southeast Asia to Northern Australia)

 Nile Crocodile (found throughout Africa) 

 Caiman or Fuscus (native to South America)

 The hides can be tail-cut, head-cut, belly-cut, or hornback.

American Alligator: Lucchese uses domestic skins from farm raised animals sourced from the very best tanneries around the globe. American Alligator is considered to be the most sought after crocodilian species available. It has a unique tile pattern and offers a very identifiable look.


Nile Crocodile: a South African crocodilian species, this skin yields a finish somewhat similar to American alligator at a more affordable price.


Ultra Belly Crocodile: An exquisite species of caiman, Fuscus. This species is farm raised in South America and goes through a very specific tanning process that yields the very best caiman available on the market today. Ultra belly croc offers the consumer a premium crocodilian at a more affordable price than American Alligator.


By Lucchese: Classics represent Lucchese's exclusive, bespoke collection. These pinnacle boots boast customized, labor-intensive details and the finest materials including a wide selection of exotics. Constructed on Lucchese's proprietary, twisted-cone lasts, these handmade boots feature leather linings, leather insoles, leather outsoles, stacked leather heels, three-fourth welts with lemonwood pegging, and unlimited heel and toe options. When it comes to Classics, the only design limitation is your own imagination. If you dream it, Lucchese can make it.


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