Bronco Signature Handmade Alligator Tapered Belts

$259.00 was $399.00

Style:          Alligator-belts-100 

Material:   Glazed Genuine American Alligator Belly

Closure:    Buckle Interchangeable (Included)

Lining:      Full Grain Soft Cowhide Leather

Handmade in the USA


How to Select a Belt Size: Generally, to determine your belt size with a prong buckle like in the image, you should add two inches to your pant’s waist size. 

To really narrow down what size of belt to order, use a belt that fits you the best and measure from the belt hole you're using right now to where the leather wraps around the buckle, as an example if this measures 38 inches you should order a belt size 38. Just for information, the full length of the belt will be longer than 38 inches. 

Every belt has a triple snap closure with 5 holes, the buckle should fit in one of the three middle holes of your belt.

Custom made belts are available in any width, Straight or Tapered, or in any other length and also in many other colors not mentioned above for a very reasonable price, please give us a phone call or send an email. Some of the odd number sizes may not be in stock, but they will ship out within 2 weeks.


         Our sleek Bronco signature handmade glazed genuine American Alligator belly skin belts are supple and soft, providing a comfortable and incredible feel around your waist. We use handpicked finest quality alligator skins. Our elegant alligator skins are of the highest quality and are easier to handcraft, fold, stitch and cut. The more you wear it, the softer it becomes and burnishes by nature with the time. Unlike other reptiles such as caiman or crocodiles, alligators retain a less bony texture making the skin softer to the touch. Alligator skin is one of the most durable leathers, and is often utilized in the production of luxurious belts, wallets and more, due to its unique texture. In contrast, the caiman crocodile has a stiff texture due to the rivets in its skin. Interestingly, the American alligator can reach an approximate weight of half of a ton and a length of 11.2 feet. In terms of location, they can be found within the southern states of the U.S. Furthermore, alligators reach speeds of 20 miles per hour when swimming, and 11 miles per hour when running on land. Their carnivorous diets consist of birds, other reptiles, fish and smaller sized mammals. Like many animals, alligators do not typically attack humans unless they feel threatened.

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